Tenant Handbook

Miscellaneous Policies


No animals are allowed in Prudential Center, with the exception of animals in the company of, and trained to assist, physically challeneged persons. 


Bicycles, Skateboards, In-Line Skates, Scooters

Bicycling, skating, or skateboarding is prohibited in Prudential Center.  Bicycle racks are provided for convenience at various locations around the Prudential Center.  However, the Prudential Center is not responsible for theft or damage of bicycles or other personal property left at these bicycle racks. Storage of bicycles in any common area lobby, service area, stairwell, or corridor is prohibited.  Bicycles, skateboards and gas powered scooters are strictly prohibited from being brought into Prudential Center.


Common Areas Housekeeping

All common area lobbies, freight bays, stairwells, and corridors must remain clear and free of debris at all times.  Storage of furniture, boxes, or equipment in these areas is strictly prohibited.  Any items found in these areas will be treated as abandoned and will be removed by Prudential Center Management at the customer’s cost.


Holiday Décor

All decorations must be made from artificial flame resistant materials. Decorations of a natural evergreen variety or other natural decoration (i.e. laurel, holly, wreaths, etc.) are prohibited.  Decorations may be used in open areas only and are prohibited in elevators, stairwells, and confined areas.

Halogen Torchiere Lights, Space Heaters, Personal Coffee Makers, Candles

Use of halogen torchiere lights, space heaters, personal coffee makers, candles or other sources of high heat or open flame are prohibited at Prudential Center.  Exceptions to this policy require express approval from Prudential Center Management.


Use of Stairwells

Use of the building core stairwells is prohibited except for emergencies unless identified in individual customer lease documents. Opening the door will cause an alarm in the Security Office. The stairwell doors are locked from the inside; therefore, once in the stairwell, an exit can only be made at the lobby level. In the event of a fire alarm, however, all the doors unlock automatically, permitting re-entry at any floor. Use of the stairwells for inter-floor travel requires express approval from Prudential Center Management.


Use of Freight Elevators

Customer employees are prohibited from using the freight elevators to access their floors unless they are transporting equipment or materials that are not allowed in the passenger elevators to or from their office area.  Exceptions to this policy include access to mechanical floors or floors which are not accessible through the passenger elevators during certain non-business hours.  These exceptions require express approval from Prudential Center Management.


Photography, Video Filming

All activities in the common areas of Prudential Center involving photography, video taping, or filming for media or commercial purposes requires the approval of Prudential Center Management.  Approvals should be coordinated through the Marketing Director at (617) 236-2342.