Tenant Handbook


To promote a healthy environment for all who work, visit and shop at Prudential Center, smoking and vaporized smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of the Prudential Center including office floors, retail areas, restrooms, elevators, lobbies, stairwells, service corridors and the garage.

Smoking is also prohibited in the South garden, roof decks, terraces and within 25 feet of any pedestrian entrance. Smoking is permitted outdoors in specially designated areas.

Prudential Center tobacco- and smoke-free policy prohibits the use of all forms of smoking, tobacco use, and unregulated nicotine products as outlined below at said locations:

  • Cigarettes, cigars (commercially or self-rolled)
  • Pipes, hookahs, water pipes
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Smokeless tobacco (e.g., snuff, snus, chew)
  • Tobacco use including smoking, chewing, dipping, or any other use of tobacco products.