Tenant Handbook

Workplace Violence


The generic term, “Workplace Violence”, is currently being utilized in society to describe a broad range of issues dealing with acts of violence, threats of violence, harassment, intimidation and other disruptive behavior occurring at, or resulting from, an individual’s employment. It typically involves co-workers, but may involve non-employees against employees.

Customers periodically report potential workplace violence concerns to Prudential Center Management and request security assistance.  The purpose of this section is to outline the roles, responsibilities and limitations of the security assistance that may be provided by Prudential Center Management and to ensure that customers have no other express or implied expectations. Prudential Center Management has no responsibility or liability for workplace violence.


Customer Management Responsibilities

Safety and security issues within customer space are the responsibility of customer management.  Awareness, early intervention and prevention of workplace violence are customer issues that are best dealt with by the customer's human resources professionals, as well as managers and supervisors within the customer’s organization.  All customers are encouraged to develop a workplace violence prevention program for their employees.

Customers are advised to notify local authorities and to seek legal or other professional counsel regarding any threat of potential violence.  Additionally, if the threat includes the potential for violence to occur on Prudential Center property, the information should be provided to Prudential Center Management for response assessment and evaluation.

Prudential Center Management also encourages customers to utilize their own proprietary or contract security officers to provide security coverage within their leased space.  Upon request, Prudential Center Management can provide customers with contact names and telephone numbers of local contract security firms.  Customers shall not deploy their own proprietary or contract security officers in the common areas of the property without express approval from Prudential Center Management.

Any acts or imminent threats of violence on Prudential Center property should be reported directly to Prudential Center Security at (617) 236-3114 for response from the Boston Police.


Prudential Center Management Responsibilities

Upon notification of a specific act or threat of violence, Prudential Center Management shall make an assessment and evaluation of the situation on an individual basis, considering the totality of the circumstances and facts of each case. Every situation is unique, fluid and unpredictable; therefore necessitating flexibility in response action.

Prudential Center Management may notify the police.

Prudential Center Management may notify other customers and occupants, if there is reason to believe that they may be impacted by the threatened violence. 

Prudential Center Management may provide reasonable assistance in the common areas of the Prudential Center, which is practical to expect and within the limitation of authority of its security services provider, to assist the customer in its efforts to mitigate potential violence committed or threatened on Prudential Center property.  The response and assistance provided by Prudential Center Management may vary depending upon the specific information available.  However, general guidelines and limitations are provided below.


Uniformed Security Services

Prudential Center Management contracts with an independent security services firm to provide uniformed security services in the common areas of the property. The security staff are employed, trained and supervised by such independent security services firm. The general responsibilities of the security staff at Prudential Center are as follows.

  • Assist customer employees, visitors and customers with directions and information.
  • Perform access control services for the office buildings.
  • Patrol the common areas of the complex.
  • Document any observed or reported unusual, unfavorable, or criminal activities.
  • Respond to emergencies and other requests for assistance.
  • Notify public emergency agencies for assistance and response as appropriate.

Prudential Center security officers have limited training and authority in dealing with potentially violent situations and should not be considered an alternative to public law-enforcement agencies.

Security Response to Committed Acts or Imminent Threats of Violence

Upon notification by a customer, of an act or imminent threat of violence occurring on the property, Prudential Center Security will:

  • Notify Boston Police for response and assistance.
  • Dispatch security staff to meet and escort Boston Police to the exact location and stand-by to assist Boston Police as directed.
  • Summon Boston Emergency Medical Services (EMS), if appropriate.

Prudential Center security officers do not have the authority to restrain or arrest suspects.


Security Response to Potential Threats of Violence

Unauthorized Individuals
Based upon information provided by the customer regarding a specific unauthorized individual who poses a threat of violence, Prudential Center security officers on patrol or stationed on post may be instructed to be vigilant for attempts at entry made by unauthorized individuals.

However, due to the open public invitee access environment of the facility, the many entrances and exits, and the large number of people who pass through the complex, there can be no assurance that unauthorized individuals will be noticed by security and/or prevented from gaining access to the property or customer space.

Furthermore, even if an unauthorized individual is observed on the property, the security staff does not have the legal right to detain or request the unauthorized individual to leave the property based solely on his/her presence on the property.  Under these circumstances, the security staff’s action would be limited to observing the individual’s behavior, notifying customer management of the observation and/or notification to Boston Police.

If there is an outstanding court issued restraining order or arrest warrant in effect at the time of the unauthorized individual’s observation, Security can request immediate Boston Police response to enforce the court order.  However, it will be necessary for Security to possess a copy of the court order to provide it to Boston Police upon their arrival.


Security Escorts

Prudential Center Security may provide security escorts within Prudential Center upon request.  Any customer employee can request this service by calling (617) 236-3114.  However, since a security officer may not always be readily available, advance notification is encouraged to avoid any delays in waiting for an escort.  It is important to note that the security escort cannot go beyond Prudential Center property and the sole purpose of the escort is to provide a uniformed security officer as a visual deterrent and to provide timely communication for requesting Boston Police assistance if necessary during the escort.  Prudential Center security officers do not have authority to restrain or arrest suspects.