Tenant Handbook


Refer to parkprudentialcenter.com for a parking information map

To facilitate finding your car when exiting Prudential Center Garage, all parking areas are identified by colors and numbers.  There are passenger elevators and stairs connecting all parking areas to The Shops at Prudential Center, the Prudential Tower, 101 Huntington Avenue, 111 Huntington Avenue, 888 Boylston Street, and the street level.

No Parking Areas

For security and safety reasons, certain areas of the Prudential Center Garage and all perimeter roads at Prudential Center have been designated as “No Parking” areas.  All unauthorized vehicles parked in these areas are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.  All “standing vehicles” (parked vehicles with attending operators) in these areas will be requested by Security to move along.  This applies to relatives and friends waiting to pick-up customer employees.