Tenant Handbook


The Prudential Center is located near several mass transit stations including:

  • Back Bay Station – commuters can walk from Back Bay Station to the Prudential Center without going outside!
  • Prudential stop on the E line on the green line of the T
  • Hynes and Copley stops on the B,C, D lines on the green line of the T
  • Back Bay stop on the orange line of the T
  • Bus lines # 1, CT1, 8, 9, 19, 10, 39, 43, 55, 57, 60, 65, 170, 502, 503, 504, 555, 97

For more information on mass transit routes, please visit:

There are numerous bike racks that provide parking for more that 200 bikes located throughout the Prudential Center, both outside and within the garage.  Please see Bicycle Commuting for additional information including a map of the bike rack locations.

Special parking for vanpools is available upon request. Please contact Customer Services for more information.

There are 14 Zipcar parking places in the Prudential Center Garage. Discounted membership is available for customer employees.

Boston Properties is an active member of A Better City Transportation Management Association (ABC TMA). As a member, all benefits this organization provides are extended to all customer employees free of charge. Programs include:

  • Guaranteed Free Ride Home – provides free rides home for commuters in situations where they may have to work late or need to get home in an emergency
  • Express Yourself – provides three-months of FREE* transit on any MBTA express bus, commuter boat, or private bus carrier for people who are currently single car drivers
  • Fill ‘Er Up – provides 6 months of free gas for commuters who carpool
  • Online Ride Matching – quickly and securely allows employees to find carpool partners
  • Vanpool Subsidy – matches riders with vanpools and provides a subsidy for the first 6 months
  • Work Out to Work - an incentive program to encourage those who want to walk, run, or bike to work
  • Zip Car Discounts – there are 14 Zip cars in the Prudential Center parking garage. Discounted membership for customer employees is available

The ABC TMA also offers workshops on various commuting options, seminars, events, and company presentations many of which are free to Prudential Center employees. Please check out their website for alternative transportation options, programs, and news: