Tenant Handbook

Green Services

Recycling Services

As part of the standard single stream recycling program, Boston Properties provides desk side recycle bins to all customer employees. These are provided free of charge for mixed paper, bottles, cans, and plastics, which are picked up nightly Monday-Friday.

Please click here to view our Recycling Services Video. 


Acceptable materials include:

  • Empty plastics and glass with  #1-7 on the bottom
  • Metals - empty soda cans, staples, paper clips, binder clips , clothes hangers
  • All paper and cardboard  (dry, broken-down cardboard, white paper, colored paper, newspaper, magazines, window envelopes, notebooks)


Unacceptable materials include:

  • overnight mail packaging
  • paper towels
  • plastic, Styrofoam, or waxed cups
  • waxed paper + cardboard
  • rubber

In addition, we offer larger slim jim bins often used in copy rooms or common areas for purchase and even larger wheeled recycling hampers for use during special activities such as office cleanouts. Please contact Customer Services for a proposal.


Composting Services

Boston Properties provides a countertop green bin labeled ORGANIC with a biodegradable bag for customers who would like to participate in our organic waste collection program. The bins can be placed in the customers kitchenettes. These are provided free of charge and are picked up nightly Monday-Friday by the janitorial staff.


Acceptable materials include:

  • All fruits, vegetables, eggs, bread and meat
  • Coffee grounds, tea bags and paper napkins


Unacceptable materials include:

  • Plastics, glass or metals


Additional Recycling

Prudential Center offers recycling and proper disposal services for the following:

  • E-waste (computers, monitors, printers, copiers, etc.)
  • Batteries & UPS equipment
  • Lamps and bulbs
  • Metal furniture
  • Wood furniture

All of the above items can be recycled by calling Customer Services.


Lamps and Bulbs

Whenever possible energy saving and low mercury content lamps and bulbs are utilized at the site. All lamps and bulbs removed from the site are disposed of properly.